15 October 2010

DRACULAS: A Novel of Terror -F Paul Wilson, Jeff Strand, Blake Crouch, and Jack Kilborn

My thoughts on DRACULAS....
This ain't no TWILIGHT, shiny sparkly vampire book...ruh-ruh....DRACULAS is butt-ugly fromthe get-go. And I mean that in the best way possible. Four authors who have scared the bejeezus out of me in the past with their books have collaborated to write this scarey-ass ode to the uber-Daddy of the vampires, Dracula. (they do apologize in the acknowledgements)

Dracula's skull (fangs and all) has been discovered by a farmer in Transylvania. Mortimer Moorecook purchases the skull for an unnamed price...all hell breaks loose from there.

Mortimer is dying and decides he want to not go into that dark night...he takes matters into his own hands and uses the skulls fangs to bite himself in the neck. It isn't pretty.

The story is told through different points of view. Each moving on through the story is seen as it is happening to that person. The reader gets to know each character, good and bad, incompetent and reluctant hero.

I had some laugh out loud moments, especially with Randall, the quarter shy of a dollar dim lumberjack. Like this line, "His chainsaw-the-monster redemption would be a lot better if his ass wasn't hanging out." I sort of had images Bruce Campbell's character, Ash J Williams, of Evil Dead eminence when I read Randall's scenes.

Even through the scary parts (and it's all scary), there is laughter and tears...yeah I cried. These are four splendid authors who can do this to a reader.

PS...and now I really hate clowns...
PPS/PSS..whatever...did you know that nondairy coffee creamer was flammable? READ THE BOOK!

This e-book will be released on 19 October. You can pre-order here. I jumped at the chance to review this. You should jump at the chance to read it.

A big scary bowl of diamonds rating here.....

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