15 September 2008

MURDER TAKES THE CAKE: A Daphne Martin Mystery - Gayle Trent

First of all, thank you to Gayle for asking me to review this! I was honored and thrilled.

This is a fast read and starts and ends with a "What the .....?" The bang starts when Daphne of Daphne's Delectable Cakes brings what she hopes is the cake to win Yodel Watson's approval. Instead she finds the body of Mrs Watson on her couch....the dead body of Mrs Watson.

Daphne calls 911 and her life as she knows it is changed and not for the better. Her credibility is suspect as are her cakes. This is not good since she has moved back to her hometown of Brea Ridge, Virginia to rebuild her life after a failed marriage and a dead-end job.

There was a lot of action that occurred in a small amount of time, but that didn't seem to bother me as it might have in another book. Cozies have to move fast, only so many pages to git'r'dun. I liked all of the nice characters and laughed at the funny ones. There were some shady characters too, that received my dislike. I absolutely was startled to find out whodunnit at the end and it was not one of those lame-o choices so the author could hurry and finish up.

I could identify with Daphne's relationship with her family. I think this was the part I liked best. Daphne has a cautious and teeth gritting relationship with her mother, a loving warm one with her father and her sister.

And the cake baking and decorating!!! I didn't get the recipes in the copy I reviewed, so will get the book just for those. This is one of my criteria for a cozy, it makes me want to learn how to do the activity that's the basis of the character and story......This one makes me want to learn how to decorate cakes.
Four frosted beans!


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Vickie, your review (along with the yummy cover) makes me want to go out and buy this! Is it published yet? Great review!

Gayle said...

Thank you so much, Vickie, for the wonderful review. I'm really happy you liked the book! And thank you, Mary, for your interest in the book, too. It will be available October 1.

Take care,

Vickie said...

Mary: You will definitely like it and this could be one to judge by its cover. = )

Gayle: Thank you for letting me read it early and review it. I had fun.

Sherri said...

Vickie, your review makes me definitely want to read this book! I'll have to keep this title on my list!

Vickie said...

Sherri: It's a good one, i think you'd dig it.

Bonnie said...


Great review! This looks like a fun book to read. The cover is very yummy and inviting! Does the final copy have recipes??? I like the foodie type books and in a cozy is nice too!

Vickie said...

BonnieOH: The cover said that the final copy will have recipes. My review copy, sadly, did not. So, I will be getting the released copy so that I can have the recipes. = )

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